I have wanted to start a blog for a while and briefly had one in the past, but I did not have enough content or excitement to keep it going. The new focus and dedication by the city of Albuquerque on startups and entrepreneurship has really sparked my passion. I want to read and participate in every thing I have time to get to and I want to share my thoughts and promote Albuquerque startups as much as I can.

The major theme of Innovate Albuquerque is creating collisions. Getting the right people to meet up at the right time and click. I know at my job our best ideas seem to come when someone on their way to the bathroom hears people in the break room talking and everyone starts bouncing their thoughts against one another. The brains are here, the ideas are here, it is obvious the passion is here, hopefully the infrastructure for collisions is the missing piece for all this to take off with sustainable momentum. I want to write and promote about those collisions and I hope you will join me in the excitement of collisions.