Health and Wellness Focused Startups

ABQid just finished up their Health and Wellness Startup Cohort. The following companies/ideas can from that venture:

  • ARTIE – A programmable ‘egg’ to help a child calm down.
  • Neuro Trainer – VR Cognitive Trainer.
  • The Kombucha Project – Craft Kombucha from Santa Fe.
  • BruxRelief – A wearable device to help with Teeth Grinding.
  • TakeStep – An app to aid in patient recovery.
  • SANESuite – Helping survivors of trauma tell their stories.

ABQid will also have an open house on December 8th at the their new location.

In other Health and Wellness news. The Arrowhead Center at NMSU is starting off a HealthSprint for their next program. It is a 5 month program around Digital Health. Applications close on December 10th and you don’t have to be in Las Cruces to apply.