Candidates Supporting a Law Change to Allow Tesla to Sell in NM

I spent some time shooting off e-mails to all the legislatures who are in contested elections this November with a link to my previous blog post about the issues with Tesla in New Mexico and a question about whether they would support a change.

I was happy to get such great responses and conversations with so many, although the response rate is quite low. If you are on the fence about a candidate in your district, maybe see if they support changing the state laws so that Tesla can service and sell vehicles here.

I will update this list as I get more responses (sorry the formatting isn’t great).

Last Updated: 10/20/2016

State Representative Candidates

District Name Response Name Response
2 James Strickler No Response Kenneth Robinson No Response
4 Sharon Clahchischilliage No Response Glojean Todacheene No Response
7 Kelly Fajardo No Response Arturo Fierro No Response
8 Alonzo Baldonado No Response Jim Danner No Response
15 Sarah Maesta Barnes No Response Ane Romero No Response
20 Jim Dines No Response Giovanni Haqani No Response
22 Jame Smith No Response John Wallace Support
23 Paul Pacheco No Response Daymon Ely Support
24 Christina Hall No Response Elizabeth Thomson Seems reasonable, but wants to learn more
27 Lorenzo Larranaga No Response Ronald Krise Support, as long as it doesn’t hurt existing dealers
29 David Adkin No Response Ronnie Martinez No Response
30 Nate Gentry No Response Natalie Figueroa No Response
31 William Rehm No Response Robert Scott No Response
32 Vicki Chavez No Response Candie Sweetser Supports targeted exception
33 Neal Hooks No Response Bill McCamley Undecided, needs to hear opposing side
35 Joseph Bishop No Response Angelica Rubio No Response
36 Andrew Nunez No Response Nathan Small No Response
37 Terry McMillan No Response Joan Ferrary Undecided, needs more information
38 Rebecca Dow No Response Mary Hotvedt Undecided, needs to learn more
39 John Zimmerman Tentatively support, needs to learn more Rodolpho Martinez No Response
43 Sharon Stover No Response Stephanie Garcia Richard No Response
47 Roger Gonzales No Response Brian Egolf No Response
50 Jeremy Tremko No Response Matthew McQueen No Response
51 Yvette Herrel No Response Denise Lang Undecided, seems to reasonable but needs to learn more
53 Ricky Little No Response Willie Madrid No Response
54 James Townsend No Response Freddie Nichols Support
57 Jason Harper No Response Donna Tillman Support
59 Greg Nibert Undecided Richard Garcia No Response

State Senate Candidates

District Name Response Name Response
1 William Sharer No response Rebecca Morgan No response
9 Diego Espinoza No response John Sapien Undecided, needs more info
10 Candace Gould No response David Simon No response
13 Aubrey Dunn No response Bill O’Neill No response
15 Eric Burton Undecided, needs to learn more Daniel Ivey-Soto No response
18 Lisa Torraco No response Bill Tallman Support
19 James White No response Harold Murphree Support
21 Mark Moores No response Gregory Frazier No response
23 Sander Rue No response Joy Garratt No response
29 Gregory Baca No response Michael Sanchez No response
36 Lee Cotter No response Jeff Steinborn No response
37 Cecelia Levatino Undecided, needs more info William Soules Plan on introducing legislation allowing it
38 Charles Wendler No response Mary Papen No response
39 Ted Barela Tenatively Supports Elizabeth Stefanics No response
40 Craig Brandt No response Linda Allison No response