ABQ Solar Startup Launching Product

I have been following Plug.Solar since they won the ABQ Scrappy Startup competition and then won a pitch contest in SXSW. One of the reasons I have been following them is I believe (or hope) they will be the first success story to come out of the cities focus on startups and all the hard work and capital that has gone into building the innovation central. Hopefully, the first of many.

They have now launched their SunPort product on Kickstarter and are halfway through the campaign and 1/3rd of the way from being funded. If you haven’t checked it out go do so and considering supporting them. This is the chance for them to take the next leap for their company.

They have been rebranding a lot so it can be hard to find some of the information on their site, but I think the ATM example on this page is the best explanation. Hopefully the link won’t go bad. They also have an app for your phone (ios, android) which will use SunJoules to offset charging your phone.

In the feature picture I am charging my phone with a solar panel while using their app and offsetting it with SunJoules. I guess if we continue the ATM analogy that is like going to an ATM and then lighting all the cash on fire?

Check out the SunPort and their app, leave reviews, and support a local startup with a great idea trying to make it!


Startup Wrapup

A quick wrapup of some news from the last couple of weeks.

The biggest thing happening is SXSW where a bunch of Albuquerque entrepreneurs, leaders and companies are. Newscastic has a channel setup called ABQ2SXSW which has a great profile on all the Scrappy Startup winners that are currently in Austin. Here is a Twitter list to follow yourself or use #ABQ2SXSW

Plug.Solar just won a pitch contest.

Startup Weekend Women’s Edition

A couple of weeks ago the Startup Women’s event occurred and they made this video at the end.

Teeniors won the contest with a great idea for keeping connect tech savvy teens with tech inexperienced adults.

Helping to Build Startups in Albuquerque

There has been a huge showing of support and enthusiasm for creating a successful startup culture here in Albuquerque. The primary reason I made this blog is that I saw all these people contributing and making things happen and the excitement washed over me as well. I want to do whatever I can to help make Albuquerque a top place for startups.

Albuquerque as a ‘startup city’ is going to be judged based on how many startups are created and how many are successfully funded, but not everyone can create a company and even less can fund one. Here is a list of ideas I came up with about what we can all do to help.

Go to Tech Events 

The easiest event to attend is 1 Million Cups. It happens every Wednesday and they have two local companies present. You get learn about them and how the community can help the company.

The Albuquerque Tech Fiesta happens in September and is packed with exciting events. TedX and the Mini Maker Faire usually bookend the week.

Attend a startup weekend, hackathon, or other pitch festival which provides an entire weekend of excitement (and dedication).

Keep an eye open for other events. There always seems to be something exciting happening, like the Hour of Code event, a TedX Salon or a new startup launching.

These events are better with more people and will continue to grow as interest increase. The best part is how much you will learn, the amazing people you will meet and the fun you will have.

Join a Local Club

There are a lot of tech an entrepreneur groups that have formed. QueLab, Hautepreneurs, ABQ Web Geeks, and Open Hack (which is looking for a new place to meet), are just a few. Some are free, some aren’t, but they won’t exist without people joining them.


I think every event and group above is volunteer run, so they of course need volunteers to run these programs. Shameless plug forthcoming – I am looking for volunteers to help setup a Coder Dojo in Albuquerque as well.

Use Local Products

Most people know about the shopping local and the small business campaigns and how they benefit the community more than shopping at a chain. However, I don’t think most of us think about that when it comes to a lot of the other products we use, particularly websites and apps.

For example, if you are setting up a business and need a POS System? Try Lavu. Want a dose of local news? Before checking out Google news or Buzzfeed, see what is on NewsCastic. If you are setting up an event and need ticketing see if HoldMyTicket works over one of the others.

Give Local Website and Apps a Try

Even if you don’t think you will use them give the products a try. In most cases they are free and simply using the app could help. That is one more unique impression on a website or one more download. They add up. Leave a review on an app store and it is even better.

Send feedback and provide constructive criticism. You get to be in a unique position to help them shape the product. New products always need beta tests, Plug.Solar is running a beta right now.

Talk about Startsups

Tell your friends of family about a startup product or job that might interest them. Spread the excitement and be constructive with criticism. Great things are happening here.